From the Desk of the Chief Medical Officer:

It has been my honor to serve as the Chief Medical Officer for Hampton Roads Community Health Center during the past three years. I have also been a provider of care at the health center for ten years. I love my patients and the practice of medicine.

Being on the clinical floor has given me the opportunity to be hands on with the development of treatment plans that directly address some of the chronic health conditions prevalent among the population we serve in the South Hampton Roads Community. For example, within our target population of low-income and uninsured, 22.5% of women 18 and older have not had a Pap Smear within the last three years compared with the federal bench mark indicator of 16.0%. In addition, only 74% of women received adequate prenatal care compared to the national average of 96.3% (Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2009). 30.6% of children in our service area did not receive the recommended 4-3-1-3-3 vaccinations, compared to the federal bench mark indicator of 21.4%. Finally, 52.1% of adults in our communities have not had a dental visit in the past year, compared with the state rate of 24.8% (Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2009).

As a health care organization, we have made a positive impact in the South Hampton Roads community by ensuring that everyone, including military families, veterans, uninsured, underinsured and those fortunate to have insurance, receive the quality care that they deserve. We pride ourselves on preventive healthcare by offering various free and discounted health and dental screenings.

Our organization relies on the generosity of individuals like you to help us help those in our community who cannot afford even the smallest of copays for their medical or dental health care. If you would like to become a donor, please contact us directly at 757-393-6363. We hope you will support our efforts.
Thank you in advance for your generous, tax deductible donation.

Dr. Catherine Christie
Chief Medical Officer